12 3 / 2012

He wants me to convince my parents to pay for my college after we get married. He wants to get married sooner so we could see eachother more, we could live togetherĀ and he would get a massive pay raise. he wants to get married in like 1 year to 1 1/2 year. Which will be really difficult cuz if thats the case i gotta start planning stuff. ughhh long road ahead of me. but i would love to get married that soon :) and i would love to be able to be with him all the time. its just going to be difficult to get there. I know my mom doesnt care when i get married, her only rule is that she doesnt pay for my college or anything after i get married…man shes a smart lady.

  1. themostinfinitestars said: Hope all worksout & your wedding is beautiful<3
  2. myheartsayshooyah said: my parents have the exact same argument…hope it works out better for you than my argument with them went!! :)
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